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Next Wednesday, February 17th, is National Salute to Veterans Patients Day, see attached flyer. This is also National heart awareness month and Valentines Week. Whether you have a VA near you or not, I invite you all to visit with a Veteran and spend some time with them. Share some love and gratitude for all they did for us. Last night I went to a local hospital to visit a purple heart recipient from Vietnam who has brain cancer. He enjoyed the visit as much as we did. It really pleased his wife to know that we all still care. Veterans are everywhere and there is no excuse for not reaching out and spending some quality time with them. As Sons of the American Legion let us not forget our Preamble or our Veterans.

Rick Trzcinski
VA &R Committee Chairman

Request from Detachment Historian Seeger
for pictures of Commander Waddell

A membership flyer from Steve Ward, National Vice Commander - Midwest Region

The Veterans Administration has a new App for your Smart Phone - “311 Vet” — just go to the appropriate ’store’ and download…it is free. To use the App just enter your question about VA Benefits (only) and press enter to get an almost immediate reply.


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