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When completing your delegate form for the Detachment Convention, please make sure you complete the form properly. All blanks need to be completed including total membership as of June 15, at large delegates and names for all delegates available membership id numbers. Failure to do this will only create more work for the credential committee, slow down our voting process and possibly disallow your Squadron from voting Your help is resolving this problem is appreciated.

Kevin Winkelmann
Detachment Adjutant

PS---When sending in registration money, all checks and money orders should be payable to The American Legion, Dept. of Texas. Thank you

Richard "Squeek" Bartholomew

Request from Detachment Historian Seeger
for pictures of Commander Waddell

The Veterans Administration has a new App for your Smart Phone - “311 Vet” — just go to the appropriate ’store’ and download…it is free. To use the App just enter your question about VA Benefits (only) and press enter to get an almost immediate reply.


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