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Words from the Adjutant

All newsletters have been mailed as of this past Friday. All Detachment Officers, Detachment Chairmen and Past Detachment Commanders will receive their copy via the email from A.I.T. Bill Kuehner. If anyone has not received their copy of the newsletter by this time next week, please let me know as soon as possible so I can get you a copy.

Also, the Blue Book was put into the envelope to all Squadron Commanders, District Commanders not present at the last DEC and Detachment Officers and Chairmen not present at the last DEC. My apologies for the delay of issuing these books, but it works better for the Adjutant's staff to mail out the books this way. There are no more Blue Books available. Some Past Detachment Commanders were left off the list of Blue Books so please do not get offended. It is more important for District Commanders, Squadron Commanders and Detachment Officers to receive these books in lieu of Past Commanders. Thank you for your understanding.

Kevin Winkelmann
Detachment Adjutant

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