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Words from the Adjutant

To All,
Newsletters were mailed out Saturday. There are about 10 where I did not have addresses so those will be coming this week. As I have stated many times before, a Certification of Officer sheet is very important to the organization. Most of the newsletters remaining are those of District Commanders that have not submitted aa COO form. There are a couple of mistakes as pointed out by Brad Pack and will be discussed at the Mid-Winter Conference. If you find additional errors, please note them and write them down so I can correct.

If your Squadron has not certified it's officers, they did not receive a newsletter. I am in contact with Mamie to find out how many Squadrons have not certified and then will find why not and also why the District Commander has not contacted that Squadron. Remember, membership is the key to any organization.

I will also be contacting Department Headquarters later this wek and next week to see how many envelopes come back due to bad addresses and will try to get those back in the mail by Christmas.

Kevin Winkelmann
Detachment Adjutant

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