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Words from the Adjutant

FYI---Gentlemen, please do not make this transition any harder than what is in front of you. Everyone knows about the increase. Just do your job properly and quit causing an uproar concerning the new change. If anyone does not understand the new rule/change, please call or email me and I will gladly help you. We are all intelligent people here so act that way.

Kevin Winkelmann

PUFL cards will be completed this week. As I finish them, I mail out the cards to the PUFL members. If your Squadron has more than 3 members, I mail the cards to the Squadron Adjutant at the Post Address. By the time we get to Round Rock, if you are a PUFL member and has not received your card via regular mail or from your Squadron Adjutant, please let me know so I can correct my mistake. I am asking everyone that gets this email to pass it on to all members so everyone will be notified.

From: McKay, Justin L.
Subject: Attention: SAL Prior Year Dues Payments


As most of you are aware, a National Dues increase was put into effect beginning July 1 of this year for the SAL. If your Detachment or Squadron is still receiving dues payments for the previous year at $2/member, you may submit those payments via the Traditional method by paper checks and cards.

The online transmittal process through myLegion/mySAL will only process 2021 dues at $5/member. Effective January 1, 2021, the National Per Capita of $5/member will apply to all dues payments regardless of the membership year being paid.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Toll-free MyLegion Support Phone: (833) 253-9995.

Joe Gallagher
Deputy Director, IT
Justin McKay SQL/Web Report Developer, MyLegion/AIM Department Services, IT

Kevin Winkelmann
Detachment Adjutant

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