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  • Detachment Membership Chairman's Report

  • Detachment Membership Chairman's Report Archive

  • 2024 Detachment Goals/Membership Report

  • National Membership Blue and White Report by Squadron

  • National Membership Report

  • National Membership Update 6-4
    by Southeast Membership Chairman Skelley

  • We Want You recruitment Letter

  • 100% Membership Target Memo

  • 2023-2024 Membership Target Dates

  • 2024-2025 Membership Target Dates

  • Annual Dues Per Capita

  • Link to request DD214

  • Detachment Membership Awards

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  • Paid Up For Life - pdf

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  • Membership Renewal Notice

  • Membership Transmittal - pdf
  • Membership Transmittal - word doc

  • Guide to Electronic Membership
    Transmittals via

  • Processing SAL Membership from a
    Legion Account (Department and Post)

  • Membership Training

    Membership Processing Training

    This training is designed for use by those members who will be taking care of membership and membership related records. Regardless of whether you are an “old hand” at membership and this is a refresher or new to the job, we hope you keep this power point and/or training as a reference.

    Membership Letters

  • Thank You For Joining - pdf
  • Thank You For Joining - word doc

  • New Member Letter - pdf
  • New Member Letter - word doc

  • Member Renewal Letter - pdf
  • Member Renewal Letter - word doc

  • National Rejoin Letter - pdf
  • National Rejoin Letter - word doc
  • Membership Recruitment

    Membership Individual Recruitment Award

    BLUE BRIGADE Recruiter Award Certification Form

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