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Are YOU Eligible to Join
The Sons of The American Legion

You can become a member of the Sons ofThe American Legion if:

From the National Constitution of the Sonsof The American Legion Article IV, Section 1

All male descendents, adoptedsons and stepsons of members of The American Legion and such male descendantsof veterans who died in service during World War I, World War II, the KoreanWar, the Vietnam War, Lebanon, Grenada, Panama and the Persian Gulf War,during the delimiting periods set forth in Article IV, Section 1, of theNational Constitution of The American Legion, or who died subsequent totheir honorable discharge from such service, shall be eligible for membershipin the Sons of The American Legion.

Eligibility Dates for Membership in
The American Legion

(Delimiting Periods)

World War I - April 6, 1917 thru November11, 1918

World War II - December 7, 1941 thru December31, 1946

The Korean War - June 25, 1950 thru January31, 1955

The Vietnam War - December 22, 1961 thruMay 7, 1975

Lebanon and Grenada - August 24, 1982 thruJuly 21, 1984

Panama - December 20, 1989 thru January21, 1990

Persian Gulf - August 2, 1990 to cessationof hostilities
as determined by the U.S. Government

The above dates apply to the veteranthrough which a
Sons of The American Legion
member is establishing eligibility.

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