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Commander's Corner

Sons of The American Legion
Detachment of Texas
Richard Bartholomew

Detachment of Texas Commander Richard Bartholomew
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June 25, 2007

Gentlemen, take a look at the numbers!!!!! Again this is unofficial. We need to get 224 members now so keep them cards and letters coming!!!! We currently have received 6003 members at 100.31%!!!! We need to work hard like we have all year and try to obtain 6227 by convention. We will not be transmitting till 7/12/07 so let's get on the ball!!!!

Oh Yeah I almost forgot, The 3rd, is in the lead followed by the 1st. and 2nd. in a deadlock for second place and the 4th. is gaining speed.
Until next we meet, we will always be,

“The Sons”
Richard “Squeek” Bartholomew
Detachment Commander 2006-2007


June 1, 2007

Greetings from the Detachment of Texas!!! MEMBERSHIP!!!MEMBERSHIP!!! MEMBERSHIP!!!! This is my last article as your Commander and I would like to extend a big “THANK YOU!!”, to all the members for making it such a great year. I could list the individuals that assisted me, but, you know who you are. The entire membership has been outstanding this year and they made it a year that will be remembered for sometime to come. Now, for some good news, after returning from the N.E.C. in May, I am not wearing a PINK CAP!!! Whew!!! It was close, at the time of this publication deadline, we are at 93.73%, which is 5609 members and our goal is 5984. All we need is 375 more members, come on Team Texas, let’s tackle this challenge. I hope everyone is happy with the job I have done as Commander, I truly could not have done it alone, this is an experience I will not soon forget, that I can promise you all. We have had some members answer the final call this year, and they will be remembered always for there service to our organization. I have included an article about the son of a very, very, close friend of mine, and I wanted to share it with you. It is important, because his son is receiving the Purple Heart for injuries he received while serving in Iraq. It really hit close to home when I read it, and it may hit home to some of you all. In closing, let me say it has indeed been an Honor and Privilege to serve as your Commander this year. Until next we meet, we will always be,

“The Sons”
Richard “Squeek” Bartholomew
Detachment Commander 2006-2007


May 16, 2007

Read an interesting article. Senator helps clear way for long awaited Purple Heart.


May 11, 2007

Gentlemen, We have a change in bragging rights!!!! It seems that the 2nd. Division has taken the lead , but is followed ever so closely by the 3rd. Division, 1st. Division, and the 4th. Division. This is really great news!!! Membership is at 5589, that is only 395 from our goal. Let's get out there and encourage the Squadrons to transmit before the convention. I would like to see 100% before the convention. We have come this far together, let's put in the extra effort to Get-R-Done!!!!!!! We have 30+ days to go and if each Division gets only 100 members that's only 3.3 per day.


April 30, 2007

Gentlemen, Here are the exciting numbers as of 4/30/07!!!!! Check it out!!! The 3rd. Division is in FIRST PLACE, followed by 1st.,2nd. and 4th. Our Detachment total is 5446!!! That relates to 91%!!!! we are ever so close guys. Don't give up, keep pushing membership, we have a real chance!!!!! We only need 538 members Detachment Wide!!! Let's get going Team Texas!!!!

Why attend a ship's reunion


April 20, 2007,

Greetings from the Detachment of Texas!!!


Team Texas is really putting in that extra effort towards Membership!!! At the time of the publication deadline we were on the verge of 90%!!! That is outstanding!! We still need more to make the 100% goal by the National Executive Convention in May. If we do not make it keep trying to beat the streets and get those members in.

I was at the 6th. District convention in April and they had 28 members turned in. By the time this article is printed, I will have been to the 10th, 13th, and 14th. District Convention with hopefully even more membership to add to the count. This is my next to last article as your Commander, so let’s get to work not only on membership, but all other aspects of our organization!!!

To all the Districts I have visited “Thank You”, for your hospitality. All Division, District, and Squadron Commanders should have gotten a letter I sent out, it explains were you are membership wise and how if we get every Squadron to transmit 6 members statewide we can reach 100% and possibly more. See what you can do about getting it done. We have got the 20th. District back up and running, Welcome aboard Commander Barnes and your officers!!!

Until Next We Meet We Will Always Be,



Commander Bartholomew recently attended Squadron 578's BBQ Cook-Off.
....check out the pictures


Commander Bartholomew recently attended the 20th District Convention where Ernest Barnes was elected the new Commander.
....check out the pictures


The Commander's Homecoming was held February 17th at McAllen Post 37. the
Cadence Call for Commander Bartholomew's homecoming....

Pictures from the homecoming
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The Detachment is on the Right Track!!!!!
Greetings one and all!!! The Detachment of Texas is on the right track but we were still shy of the target date for Feb. more of Commander Bartholomew's February Update....


Commander Bartholomew recognizes younger members with new
Commander's Award.

Commander attends 11th District Coffee Tour.

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