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Commander's Corner

Sons of The American Legion
Detachment of Texas
Eddy Seegers

Eddy Seegers
Commander Detachment of Texas


March 5, 2021

Fellow Sons,


Texas Governor Abbott has announced that the mask mandate and business restrictions will be lifted on Wednesday, March 10, 2021. This should allow our Posts and Squadrons that had limited access to their buildings to open and get back to business. We have now lost the number one reason (excuse) that I have been hearing as to why membership is down. However, simply because our doors are open it does not mean that people will be rushing to pay their dues and renew their membership. We will need to continue to do what was available to us the entire time we were locked down, use the telephone. Get out your membership rolls and start dialing your phones. This is an excellent opportunity to combine a Buddy Check with a reminder about unpaid dues.

I started this message with the phrase, "just in time." Why? It is because this reopening of the state is happening right before our spring District and Division conventions. If we make a push on our membership, especially renewals, Texas could go from being a state with one of the lowest membership percentages in relation to our goal in the nation to one of the highest.

I want to challenge each Division Commander to work with your District Commanders to focus on our membership numbers. District Commanders, get with your Squadrons to see what help they need. Nationally, we are at just over 54% of our goal. I do not realistically see us hitting the 80% goal by the target date of March 10. I do think it is possible, with a strong concerted effort to make or at least be close to our 90% goal. It has the target date of April 14. We are the Detachment of Texas and we CAN DO extraordinary things. Let's stop talking about it and get it done.

On a slightly related note, please don't sit on memberships if at all possible. As we discovered a few short weeks ago, we never know when there is a disaster right around the corner. When disaster strikes, Legionnaires and Sons alike have access to the National Emergency Fund (NEF). Unfortunately, access to the NEF is limited to paid up members. If you are sitting on memberships when disaster strikes, you have just cost that member access to potential relief.

Finally, as I stated previously, we are entering Spring Convention season. Again, just in time, this will allow our Divisions and Districts to re-focus and re-energize as we enter the summer. I will attempt to get to as many meetings as possible but there is a large amount of overlap making getting to all conventions impossible so please don't be upset if I don't make yours. We should be taking advantage of this time to get back to the work of The American Legion and The Sons of The American Legion.

For God and Country,

Eddy Seegers
The Sons of The American Legion
Detachment of Texas

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