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District Commanders

Tim Slinkard
1st District

Alton Faulkner
2nd District

David Gilbert 3rd District Commander
David Gilbert

3rd District

Ray Hartline
4th District

Lewis Elam 5th District Commander
Lewis Elam
5th District

Ken Peters Jr 6th District Commander
Ken Peters
6th District

Rolf Austin
7th District

Anthony Lambert 8th District Commander
Anthony Lambert
8th District

Richard Huntley 9th District Commander
Richard Huntley
9th District

Richard V. Armstrong 10th District Commander
Richard V. Armstrong II
10th District

Roy Fowler 11th District Commander
Roy Fowler
11th District

Fred James 12th District Commander
Fred James
12th District

Thomas E. Parnell 13th District Commander
Thomas E. Parnell
13th District

Johnnie Warus 14th District Commander
John D. Warus Jr
14th District

Alonzo Cavillo 15th District Commander

Alonzo Cavillo
15th District

Ken Dorsett
16th District

Johnathan W. Poe
17th District
Weatherford Squadron 163

Henry Creech 20th District
Henry Creech
20th District

Blair Sanders 21st District Commander
Blair Sanders
21st District

Dustin Moore Historian
Dustin Moore
22nd District Commander

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