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Everyone please review. This is a report from National concerning Consolidated Squadron Reports.

It is now the time to start filling these out. As always, National wants everything online. However, please also forward me a copy for my records. I ask each of you, especially the Division Commanders, to send out this email to each of your District Commanders and your Squadron Commanders. Your help is appreciated. I have blank forms available if anyone needs a copy.

Kevin Winkelmann
Detachment Adjutant

PS---Do not forget to either copy me via email or mail me a copy of the CSR!

From: Mook, Kevin M.

Consolidated Squadron Report (CSR)


To All,

I know now is the time for all Districts and Divisions to have their annual Spring Convention. Please do not forget to send me your newly elected officers and if your in an even number District, send me a certification of the officers in place for another year. Thank you! Kevin Winkelmann Detachment Adjutant

Kevin Winkelmann
Detachment Adjutant

District Certification of Officers Form
Division Certification of Officers Form


A Fillable pdf version of the Squadron Data Report (SDR) is posted on the website at

It is very important to have this report filed with Adjutant Winkelmann. He will ensure it is filed with National.

Fill out the SDR
Save as sdr-squadron-(your squadron number)
Email completed form to Adjutant Winkelmann at

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