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S.A.L. Adjutant Member of the Year Award
Award Criteria

Member must be a current year member ofthe
Sons of The American Legion
in good standing with the sponsoring Post.

Member should represent the highest idealsof
The Sons of The American Legion

in all aspects of his dealings with thecommunity.

Member must be an Adjutant of the
Sons of The American Legion.

Submit members resume explaining why he
should be recognized as 

The S.A.L. Adjutant of the Year. 
Include as many details as possible of the

various activities this member is involved
with that qualifies him for this award.

You must turn in the nominations on/or before
The Rap of the Gavel opening the First Day of the Detachment Convention.

Application must be Typed or Printed neatly.
Your application may be rejected if unreadable.

Awards Nomination Form word document

Awards Nomination Form pdf version

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